Thursday 4 January 2007

Operation Brevity: comments disabled, brain disengaged. Don't discuss.

It has been brought to my attention that I am a self-regarding wanker who loves the sound of his own clacking fingers. I hate it when I bring this type of news to myself, because shooting the messenger becomes markedly less attractive as a knee-jerk response. I don't rule it out completely, no way, but it does lack a certain appeal right now. So here's a picture of a bath I've happily splashed in. A little gift for the hard of thinking. Okay, time to stop talking so much. 

Except to say, however, that I strongly oppose the death penalty. The very notion offends my sensibilities and seems like a betrayal of our shared and common humanity. Better, surely, to rise above the bloodlust and (perfectly valid) thirst for revenge, and afford the lives of those we hate the kind of dignity they singularly failed to confer upon the lives of others. They may view us as weak and as lacking resolve, but the polar opposite is true. It sometimes seems futile to try to explain to dissenters why this course of action feels more like authentic victory. And it always seems weak and woundingly wrong to settle a score with the terminal option of death.

I'm just saying.

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