Thursday 20 December 2007

Although radishes are pretty yucky, too.

Hello to anyone who might be reading. I've been tagged by this person, again, so don't blame me for what follows. (She totally craves me, you know, and this is why she keeps on tagging me and sending me stuff in the mail.) Anyway, I was maybe a wee bit sweary in my last post, so I'm going to try to make this straightforward and non-offensive. Serious, even.

The Alphabet Tag thing

A ~ Available: Hardly ever.

B ~ Best friend: She may beg to differ, of course, but I consider her to be my best friend (after my girlfriend, naturally). She has stayed true for over quarter of a century and I rarely pass a day without thinking of her at some point. We are inextricably and inexplicably linked. I just love her, really, and miss her an awful lot.

C ~ Cake or pie? Cake. Used to be pie, but cake.

D ~ Drink of choice: Coffee.

E ~ Essential thing used every day: Lexapro.

F ~ Favourite color: Green (very talkative).

G ~ Gummi bears or worms? Gummi bears.

H ~ Hometown: Edinburgh.

I ~ Indulgence: Food. 

J ~ January or February? January. February seems a bit shifty, really. 

K ~ Kids and names: No kids yet, but I like the names Emma, Tanya, Charlotte and Zoe. Hoping for a boy, obviously. 

L ~ Life is incomplete without: Even with everything, I imagine, life would feel incomplete.

M ~ Marriage date: Movable. I've been engaged for over sixteen years, which is maybe some sort of a record. 

N ~ Number of siblings: Three (lovely sisters). 

O ~ Oranges or apples? Tricky. Sometimes oranges feel a bit aggressive, really, and kind of hurt their way through the system. But, then again, when you take Granny Smith's out of the equation, oranges almost invariably taste better than apples - which are often so terribly disappointing and sad tasting. On the other hand, when you mix and blitz apples and carrots and ginger (copious quantities, feel the heat) and add some ice cubes and drink it first thing in the morning (in France during August, preferably) then it's suddenly not so difficult to believe in Jesus and angels. I think if it came down to a fight, however, then I'd probably put my money on oranges - I can just see them as Hutus to the apple Tutsis, for some reason. And yet apples, on those very rare occasions that they manage to shrug off their sense of loneliness and discontent and emptiness, can be properly magic. Oranges. Go Hutus.

P ~ Phobias/fears: Knees being bent backwards. 

Q ~ Favourite quote: (A corruption of an actual quote, but....) "if you can keep your head whilst all around you are losing theirs, perhaps you have misunderstood the situation."

R ~ Reason to smile: Dog.

S ~ favourite Season: All seasons are equally brilliant.

T ~ Tag three people: No.

U ~ Unknown fact about me: I quite like talking to dead people. 

V ~ Vegetable you don't like: Stephen Hawking.

W ~ Worst habit: Making inappropriate jokes.

X ~ X-rays you've had: I've had my left leg x-rayed.

Y ~ Your favourite food: Impossible.

Z ~ Zodiac: Sagittarius

Phew. That went well.

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