Tuesday 2 October 2007

Stop Press. (Seriously, just stop)

The Premier League footballer, Steven Gerrard, has been involved in a car accident in which a young boy was injured. The ten year old schoolboy, named as Jamie Halliwell, suffered a suspected broken leg when he was knocked to the ground by the Liverpool captain's Bentley near a Merseyside primary school. The footballer's agent said he was driving slowly when the boy ran out into the road. (Sky News rolling headline, October 2nd 2007)


Footballer Steven Gerrard has been involved in a collision after he accidentally knocked down ten year old schoolboy Jamie Halliwell whilst driving his Bentley, slowly. Halliwell suffered a suspected broken leg near a primary school.

A ten year old schoolboy, Jamie Halliwell, suffered a suspected broken leg when he was hit by a footballer driving slowly in Merseyside today.

Jamie Halliwell may have broken his leg following a collision with a slow-moving car near a school. He is ten.

Someone you don't know possibly broke their leg in Liverpool today. 

Unknown boy suffers tiny setback.

That's not news. It doesn't matter which way you look at it - that's not news. It will be of interest to the boy's family (one hopes) and to the shaken driver of the car, but that's not news.

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