Thursday 27 September 2007

Learn some manners, you uppity burger....

I'm starting to seriously dislike this cow.

There is just nothing I can say or do that seems to make any difference. I've thrown food up to it, waved, smiled, said good morning, whistled and made mooing noises. Not a flicker. Mooing paid spectacular dividends one time in France, you know, when I passed a very enjoyable few minutes in conversation with a receptive - and polite - cow. We just mooed at each other, over and over again. Total result. But this cow (in the picture) is having none of it, for some reason. It's starting to get me down, actually. What the hell is wrong with the thing? It barely even registers an interest in El Doggo - most unusual for a cow. Most unusual.

It just looks at us with a beady suspicion, if it looks at us at all.

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